Originally posted Monday, 29 October 2012

Written by COAA Illinois Chapter

Illinois Chapter COAA-Illinois is continuing its strong series of seminars and is providing an innovative promotion to attract membership.

The Summer 2012 Chapter Workshop featured a panel on the challenges and solutions provided by the GSA and its team in a $124 million renovation of the Chicago Dirksen Federal Courthouse. The GSA, Turner Construction and AECOM presented a detailed case study of the project, which had staggering logistical complexity. The project presented many hurdles, not the least of which was to keep the wheels of justice turning while abating hazardous materials and performing massive MEP and lighting upgrades in an extremely secure environment.

The Fall 2012 Chapter Workshop was held in September in Chicago, IL and featured two panel discussions: “An Owner’s Due Diligence in Selecting a Project Team: What owners do right, what owners do wrong in picking designers and contractors with insights on how to investigate team members”; and “The Other 40%: Proper Planning for ‘Soft’ Costs and Their Impact on Project Budgets.” Then, in COAA fashion, the workshop closed with an Owners’ Roundtable Discussion where Owners and others had the opportunity to ask questions and gather information from their peers in the industry.